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The procedures available at Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute in Thousand Oaks and Encino are making laser vein removal in los Angeles not only easier, but less painful. That’s the advantage that comes from having the latest technology in the field.

Laser vein removal Los Angeles is a method for reducing the prominence and altogether removing unsightly and sometimes painful veins from any part of the body, most frequently the legs and face.

Which precise type of laser vein removal in Los Angeles you need can be determined only once you know what type of vein condition you have. Spider vein removal  and varicose veins treatment are different due to the nature of the two conditions, respectively.

Varicose vein treatment is for veins that have become swollen and curled up inside of the skin. These are the more serious condition, as they can result in heavy bleeding if given long periods of time to worsen. They can also cause fat necrosis, and skin ulcers. More minor complications from varicose veins are pain and discomfort along with fatigue in the legs.

Spider veins are a related condition, but more of an aesthetic than a serious one, since they are mainly just dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. Sclerotherpy was once the primary treatment for spider veins, but now, laser vein treatment for spider veins is proving to be a less invasive and more complete solution to the problem.

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