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Hair Removal Thousand Oaks

At the Renaissance Clinic for hair removal in Thousand Oaks , advanced laser treatment is being used to effectively rid patients of unwanted hair. The laser treatment sends pulses of safe but powerful light into pigmented hair follicles, which causes heat damage that prevents future hair growth. Laser treatment isn't very painful, as most patients compare it to having a rubber band snapped on the skin.
There are many advantages of laser hair removal in Thousand Oaks over traditional waxing, plucking, and shaving methods:
-Laser hair removal is long lasting, meaning that once hair is treated, its growth is dramatically stunted. Traditional waxing, shaving and plucking must be done every few days to maintain a hairless appearance.
-Laser hair removal treatment often takes less than half an hour, while cumulative time spent with other methods can equate to days.
-Recipients of laser hair removal don't have to worry about razor burn, cutting, or painful waxing.
-Though laser hair removal treatments may seem expensive, in many cases, the repetitive cost of shaving supplies and waxing is greater.

It should be noted that hair removal in Thousand Oaks via laser treatment is only affective against actively growing, pigmented hair follicles. Since a number of hair follicles are inactive at any given time, multiple sessions are sometimes needed for thorough hair removal. Prospective clients shouldn't wax or pluck for approximately two weeks in order for a greater number of active follicles to be affected.
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